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Each project within GForge can have a number of different mailing lists. Each mailing list can have a different set of subscribers, who receive messages that are sent to the list.  There are way too many ways to configure and to use mailing lists to cover them here, but some common patterns are:

  • Announcement - A small set of people can send information to a larger group of listeners. The listeners are generally not allowed to post messages.
  • Discussion - Everyone who is subscribed may submit messages, and replies go to the list, not the sender of the message.  This is good for project teams to make plans or record decisions, especially when the group is widely dispersed.
  • Notification - A small set of people are set of to receive list messages, which may be sent by a large number of people. Support requests or approvals that may be handled by a role or a pool of people work well with this type of list.

Subscribing to a GForge mailing list

Note: For all examples the fake mailing list myproject-discussion will be used. Substitute the name of the mailing list you want to use.

The simplest way to sign up is to send an email to myproject-discussion-join@forge-lists.iowa.gov. The system will sign you up and send you a confirmation. Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription. You don't need to put anything special in the reply, but make sure to leave the subject line alone, so that the list server knows that you're subscribing.
After confirming your subscription, the first message you'll receive will probably be the “welcome” message. You may also start receiving emails from the mailing list, if other users are sending any.


Using a GForge mailing list

To post a message to the list (and to all other subscribers), send an email message to myproject-discussion@forge-lists.iowa.gov. The note will come from you, but all replies will go through the list, not directly to you. The subject line you enter will have myproject-discussion added to the front. The body and attachments that you enter will be sent without change.

If your attachments are too large, they will be held for administrative review.  In general, if the admin knows who you are, they will release the message for delivery with attachments intact.  However, very large attachments can cause problems for those receiving them.

The default limit for an email (including all attachments) is 1 MB.
If you get an email from the list, it will show up in your inbox just like any other email. If you reply to it, your reply will usually go to the list, which includes yourself and the person you're replying to.

If you want to reply to the poster directly, make sure to enter their email address instead of the list address.

Leaving a GForge mailing list

The easiest way to un-subscribe from the list is to send an email message to myproject-leave-leave@forge-lists.iowa.gov. The subject and body of the message are ignored, so it doesn't matter what (or if) you put anything there. You should receive a “goodbye” message, confirming that you're no longer active on the list.

Unsubscribing usually also means that you won't be able to send notes to the list anymore.  For security purposes, emails sent to a list by non-members are almost always held without any message to the sender, so don't be surprised if you don't get any response in this case.

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