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Project Overview

Using the Iowa School Alerts SOAP API

To best serve media outlets, Iowa School Alerts includes support for Web Services in the form of SOAP. It is outside of the scope of this documentation to discuss SOAP and how it works. We assume developers using this documentation are familiar with developing SOAP-based applications. So what can you do with the SOAP API?

  1. Get notifications - First you need to register an account on the Iowa School Alerts Homepage. After registering you can setup the notifications you wish to receive and then use the SOAP getMyNotifications() method to get your notifications.
  2. Search Schools and Districts
  3. Manage RSS Feeds - With standards-based content syndication using RSS you can publish notifications on your websites. NOTE: the SOAP API allows you to manage RSS feeds but if you only wish to setup an RSS feed to use on your site please just do so using a standard account on the Iowa School Alerts Homepage.

Available SOAP Clients

Below is the list of SOAP clients available for use with Iowa School Alerts. If you don't see your language supported by one of the clients listed below you may use the Iowa School Alerts Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file to develop one. We simply ask that if you do develop a new client from the WSDL that you submit it to Tony Bibbs at AEGS so he can add it to this list of downloads.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • .NET

Project Resources

  • Iowa School Alerts Home - Actual Iowa School Alerts Homepage
  • Issue Tracker - For reporting bugs and other problems with Iowa School Alerts
  • Development Mailing List - Use this mailing list to discuss technical issues including how to use the SOAP and RSS feeds from Iowa School Alerts. The AEGS development team responsible for managing the Iowa School Alerts codebase are subscribed to this list and are able to field any technical questions
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