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SOA Service Registry

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This page is a simple listing of the services offered by various Participating Agencies. Each service includes basic information about the owning agency, the purpose and scope of the service, and contact information for usage. You can use this information to find existing services or determine if a new service is needed.


Using Services (for Consumers)

If you're looking for a service to use, start reading below. You can also use the wiki "search" box near the top right of each page to look for specific keywords. Review the information that you find and contact the service's business owner to continue the process. 



Offering Services (for Providers)

If you have services you want people to use, log in and edit this page.  Create a heading for your agency and sub-headings for each service.  You can use the existing service entries as a template for yours.

If you're not sure how to edit pages, try:

Enterprise A&A Service

Enterprise A&A is the State's centralized user account and logon service.  It includes web pages for end-users and web services for automated integration.

Home Page: Enterprise A&A Home Page

For More Information, contact Jeff Braafhart, DAS-ITE

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