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Software Development Life Cycle

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This document is intended to lay out the goals, approaches and standards for the software development lifecycle within DAS-ITE.

Mission & Principles

Mission Statement

Deliver a software development methodology that enables DAS-ITE to produce quality software solutions at the best value for our customers.


Guiding Principles

  • Follow industry standards
  • Make decisions as a team (consensus)
  • Remain flexible to business needs
  • Remain consistent with DAS-ITE Customer Service model
  • Demonstrate / describe the value all process steps
  • Strike a balance between speed of delivery and quality


The following objectives are steps towards developing our SDLC:

  1. Define the overall process (high-level)
  2. Identify inputs and output for each step
  3. Identify required skill sets
  4. Gather / create documents and templates
  5. Define process scalability criteria and required documents
  6. Integrate with division-internal processes:
    • Security
    • DAS-ITE: Project Management
    • Others


  1. Validate the process with external review
  2. ITE organizational buy-in
  3. Create marketing information for customers
  4. Value statement(s)
  5. Benefits for customers
  6. Relate to customer survey information
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