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Web Platforms and Promotion Levels

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Hosted Platforms

ITE Infrastructure Services offers hosted environments for Java (WebSphere), PHP and ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0) web applications. Here are the key attributes of the three promotion levels:

LevelDevelopment (DEV)Test/Staging (TEST)Production (PROD)
AccessFile Share,

assigned by PM

Web Admins only,

updates by PM request

Web Admins only,

updates by PM request


("Open/165" network)


with PROD-like subnets and proxying


via proxy (private subnets)

UptimeNo stated uptime.No stated uptime.99% monthly

(7A-10P, 7 days)

The promotion (i.e., formality) level of the environment
Who has access to the web server for updates and configuration
What network is the server in? Who can reach the website?
What is the stated uptime of the server?

Usage Guidelines

In general, AEGS uses each promotion level for the following activities:

Demo/incomplete versions of an application, initial deployment for testing (especially where new/updated components are being installed on the server), informal testing by the project team.
Preparation for production deployment. Formal testing (functional, perf/scal, security, etc.). UAT is perfomed here. May be a short step in the process, but should always be a step to avoid problems in production.
Deployment for real-life usage. In specific cases, may be allowed for non-production uses if the customers are not on the State network. In most cases, however, ISO will require VPN or proxy access instead.

Request Process

Until a fuller system is implemented by Operations, we're going to keep a GForge Tracker for our own server request tracking purposes.

The tracker also publishes its activity to a mailing list (aegscommon-servers@forge-lists.iowa.gov). If you're interested in seeing this activity as it happens, you can subscribe by reading up on mailing lists in GForge.

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