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* Q: How are AVS look up billed. A: OCIO will charge agencies for all usage based on API key activity recorded by Melissa Data.
* Be careful if you double/multiple click a link/button that calls the AVS service as it may incur multiple lookup charges.
* The AVS action "check" is the most basic core API in the Personator service but there are others. Keep in mind that some API calls may incur more lookup charges. You should not think of costs based on a lookup but rather depending on what action you call in the API it may cost a different number of "credits". The following gives you and idea on how "credits" relate to the different service actions. **[[https:~~/~~/www.melissa.com/credits/listware>>https://www.melissa.com/credits/listware||style="color: rgb(17, 85, 204);" target="_blank"]]**

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