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How many times have you come up against a business requirement that isn't fully supported by your application framework or toolkit? Uploading large files, running background processes, jQuery sugar, virus scanning - eventually you'll need something that the template doesn't provide. There's no need to re-invent the wheel, just start with one of the following proven solutions.


Have you solved an interesting problem that others would find helpful? Post your solution as follows:

  1. Add a link from this page to your (new) solution page. The page title (identifier) should start with "Solution", e.g., "Solution: Uploading Large Files in ASP.NET". Make sure to add the link to the appropriate section(s) below.
  2. On your solution page, you should cover the following topics:
  •  Problem: What would lead someone to need this solution?
  • Description: A few sentences describing how the solution is implemented, what it does and how.  Include a picture if it helps.
  • Walkthrough: Step-by-step instructions for adding the solution to an existing code base.  Include screen shots, command line entries, scripts or code snippets as appropriate.
  • Files: Add links to the file(s) required to implement the solution.  You can link to files on the wiki (to store the files here), GForge downloads or a web address.


Available Solutions

Web - PHP

PHP installation
Sample Link 2Unknown macro: tooltip
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Web - .NET


Help! I can't run <MSBuild> tasks in NAnt on Windows 7!  
Link to Web Standards
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Web - Java

Link to Web Standards
Add something here!


Web - Any

Link to Web Standards
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Client/Server, Desktop

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