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=== (% style="font-size: 20.44px;" %)Update To New Module(%%) ===
If you choose to implement the new module here are a few things you may experience and how to address them.
1. The names of the old DLLs are not the same as the new ones you you will need to remove the old DLLs from your project and add the new ones.
1*. OLD DLL NAMES: iowa.dasite.entaa.aspnet.dll, iowa.dasite.entaa.client.dll and iowa.dasite.mvcnet.core.dll
1*. NEW DLL NAMES: iowa.entaa.client.dll, and iowa.entaa.session.dll
1. Namespace changed for some of the classes so you will need to change the imports.
1*. OLD NAMESPACE: ex:, iowa.dasite.entaa.aspnet.config, iowa.dasite.entaa.client
1*. NEW NAMESPACE: ex:, iowa.entaa.session.config, iowa.entaa.client
1. ActionResult [ANNOTATION] changed for AllowAnonymous security filter
1*. OLD [ANNOTATION]: [DASAllowAnonymous]
1*. NEW [ANNOTATION]: [] - NOTE: you cannot use [AllowAnonymous] as it conflicts with our security framework
1. Log4Net was removed as a dependency of the new DLLs which required an old version of log4net (v1.2.10.0). The old DLLs did some logging that the new ones will no longer do. If your app already has the old log4net DLL and you just want to keep using it things should continue to be fine. However if you choose to upgrade to a newer version of log4net you may encounter some errors depending on how you implemented log4net.
1*. \\

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