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Enterprise A&A User Guide

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Enterprise A&A is a service provided by the State of Iowa. It is meant to replace all of the various user name/password combinations used by different web applications, and provide a "one-stop shop" for managing your identity information with the State.

The A&A stands for: 

  • Authentication: Proof of who you are.
  • Authorization: Permission to view, change or submit something.

Together, these two elements help to safeguard the information and interactions that citizens have with the State of Iowa via the web. 

In addition, the A&A service provides a Common Interface, a set of web pages used by all applications for user account activity, so that users can be sure they are connecting to the State, and get a consistent experience when logging onto different A&A-enabled websites. 


Follow these links to learn more about the A&A service: 

Help Videos

Making a Request

To add, change or move an application setup in Enterprise A&A, you can use our request system in GForge.

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