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Messaging Barracuda Introduction

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Starting Monday, May 24th, 2010, email will be scanned by a new “second level” filter for SPAM and virus protection.

This short guide explains the new and simplified “point-and-click” changes to managing your email spam quarantine. 


Managing Your Email Spam Quarantine

The first time you have a message quarantined, an “initial greeting” message with a “click-able” link will appear in your mailbox. Simply click on the link to go to your quarantine. Thereafter, for any new messages that arrive in your quarantine, you will receive a “spam quarantine summary” message with the same “click-able” link feature to take you to your quarantine. 


The Initial Greeting Message from Barracuda

The first time you have a message quarantined, you will receive a “User Quarantine Account Information” message with a link which will take you to your spam quarantine. To go to your quarantine, click on the link labeled Access your Spam Quarantine directly using the following link, shown below: 



Spam Quarantine Summary Message from Barracuda

Thereafter, you will receive a Spam Quarantine Summary message if any messages you receive during the day are likely to be spam. When you receive a Spam Quarantine Summary message, click on the link in the email message to go to your quarantine. There you can “point and click” to release messages or mark a message safe and not quarantined in the future. 

Barracuda Quarantine Message (Screenshot) 



If you have any questions on the new system, please contact the Service Desk at 515-281-5703, or send an email to OCIO.Servicedesk@iowa.gov



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