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SettingUpTortoiseCVS 1 12

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Install and configuration of TortoiseCVS version 1.12.5+

This article will aid you with the installation and configuration of TortoiseCVS as it pertains to GFORGE. Current versions of TortoiseSVN, TortoiseCVS and PuTTY tools are maintained in the Common project on GForge.


  1. Double click the downloaded file to begin the installation process 
  2. Select the language 
  3. Click next button on the welcome screen 
  4. Select the install location and click the next button (The default location should be fine) 
  5. Select Full Installation and click the next button. 
  6. Allow the program to install 
  7. Check yes to restart your computer and click the finish button. 

Once your computer has restarted you can continue on to the configuration section. 

Configuration: Tortoise1.jpg

  1. Right click on your desktop and navigate to CVS & Preferences 
  2. For checking out to network drives navigate to the policy tab and check the option for "Permit sandboxes on removable drives".
  3. Next navigate to the tools tab and enter your password in the SSH Parameters text area proceeded by -pw. Doing this will allow you to perform cvs operations to the GFORGE server without having to enter your password everytime.
  4. To checkout a module right click where you want to check the module out and select "CVS Checkout..." from the menu. Image:Tortoise_4.jpg
  5. Obtain the repository folder name of the project you want to checkout from GFORGE.
    You can get this information by clicking on the CVS Access Info item when you are inside a project on GFORGE.
  6. Enter the Protocol and server information as shown in the image. Enter your username, which is the same as your email address without punctuation, spaces, or domain information. For example, if you email address is Jeff.Braafhart@Iowa.gov, use JeffBraafhart for the username. Also the first time may come up as "...@forge.iowa.gov..." and you'll need to put in the "cvs" so that it shows as "...@cvs.forge.iowa.gov..." Then enter the repository folder (see below) corresponding to the project you want to checkout. In the module enter a "." to checkout the entire project. If you only want a particular folder from the project then enter the path and name of the folder you want to checkout.
  7. Click OK to begin retrieving the project. If prompted for your password, use your network password. 

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