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State Of Iowa Sliver Header

For more info on Sliver please refer to gForge.


How to Implement the State of Iowa Sliver Header in an app/site:

The following are the lines you need to place in your "Head" section of your html depending on the environment you want to use.

Each environment has sample implementation you can see using the following URLs.

  • (New Production)
    • https://sliver.iowa.gov/index.php
    • https://sliver.iowa.gov/demo.php
    • https://sliver.iowa.gov/directions.php
  • (Old Production)
    • https://iowa.gov/sliver/index.php
    • https://iowa.gov/sliver/demo.php
    • https://iowa.gov/sliver/directions.php
  • (Test)
    • https://sliver.iowatest.gov/index.php
    • https://sliver.iowatest.gov/demo.php
    • https://sliver.iowatest.gov/directions.php
  • (Dev)
    • https://dev-ociobroadband.iowa.gov/sliver/index.html
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