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Enterprise Applications-Cloud Applications-Application Development


Introduction / Overview

Getting Started :: What is a Wiki? :: Editing XWiki pages :: XWiki syntax :: XWiki image formatting  

How To's

App Solutions :: Tortoise CVS/SVN :: Weekly status reports :: Barracuda (Anti-Spam)

Application Development Services

Address Validation ServiceDatabase Services  
e-Payment Service (PCI DSS, RFP)Intro to GForge|GForge(Website),Mailing Lists, Bug Tracker, Work Reviews)
Electronic Leave User's Guide|Leave Requests(Website)OCIO Operational Reporting
Enterprise A&AJitterbit (Vendor Website)
Iowa School Alerts|School Alerts/ Website
State Phone Book (Test Website, API Definitions 

Processes and Standards

Project Management (Templates) :: Software Development (SDLC) :: Business Analysis :: Data Stewardship :: Web Platforms and Promotion :: Testing :: Release Management :: CVS & SVN Key Based Auth Setup

Inter-Agency (Enterprise) Initiatives

Enterprise IT Standards :: Content Management :: Service-Oriented Architecture (Roadmap, Registry, Governance, Infrastructure, Mainframe)

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